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6th Grade Language Arts
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Courses Taught:  Reading/Grammar/Writing/Spelling Strategies

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Hello Parents and Students(my Grammarians)!!! I hope you all are well! have created and invited you to Google Classroom. Students, please use your login information for Google Classroom and join my class. Login- ( and the PW is ACS#)The code for my Block 1 zx4rlqe; Block 2 yplladg. Assignments will be posted April 6. Let's finish our 6th grade year STRONG!!! Love you all!!!!!!!!! 


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About Me

Hello, my name is Vernessia (pronounced Vanessa...long story) Dickerson, and I am very excited about meeting my new students and their parents this upcoming year. I love teaching, especially reading, and I cannot wait to introduce the wonderful novels that I have planned for this upcoming year! 

I believe that through effective teaching and nurturing, each child will be able to grow intellectually, physically, and socially. I am a caring teacher. I am very dedicated, compassionate, and excited about working with children. Through reading, my goal is to guide students to new discoveries and new opportunities about learning. 

I have a wonderful family! My husband, Earl, works for the Air Force. He is a former math teacher. My daughter Amber graduated from the University of Alabama...Roll Tide! I also have a 12-year-old son, Christian, who will be starting 7th grade this year. 

Welcome to the 6th Grade, and let's have a great year!!!!


Bachelor's Degree Elementary Education 1999, Auburn University, Montgomery 

Master's Degree in School Psychometry 2006, Troy University, Montgomery 


1993 Saturday Scholars Tutoring Program Agana, Guam

1999-2000 Paraprofessional Montgomery Public Schools

2000-2006 Macon County Schools Grades 4 and 5 Self-Contained

2006-2009 Montgomery Public Schools Grades 4 (Language Arts) and 6 (Math, Science, Social Studies)

2009-Present Autauga County Grades 5 and 6 Language Arts



Weekly Agenda

Assignments for Packets only! (April 20- April 24)

Sequence & Adverbs

Complete Readworks Monday - Friday (3 stories assigned)

Monday- View Reading and Grammar Power Points to practice 5.5 skills; Practice snovel quizlets; Read Parts 2 & 3 in Novel; work on Parts 2-3 Study guide

Tuesday thru Wednesday-  Complete Grammar worksheets 97-98; Reading worksheets 247-248 (front & Back); Finish viewing Power Points; Read Novel Parts 2-3; Complete Novel Parts 2-3 study guide; practice quizlets; Readworks

Thursday-Practice novel quizlet; Complete Novel Parts 2-3 Study Guide

Friday- Choose 1 readwork story for reading test; Complete ; Take Wonder Parts 2-3 Quiz; Start Reading Part 4

Story/Novel Quizlets:

Readworks-   Block 1 Code X3MJP2; Block 2 Code J6EKT6

We are reading the novel Wonder. Parts 2-3 is due by April 24. The link is below.

Wonder Novel Link-,%20Science%20and%20Technology/Forms/Teacher%20Forms/Wonder.pdf

Wonder Videos (View one at a time after each part has been read.-




Novel Parts 2-3 Study Guide

Comprehension Questions


Part 2

01. What are two ways that Via has had to fend for herself in order to take the pressure off of her parents?

02. What does Via say about Daisy?

03. What did Gran give Via to help prepare her for having a sibling?

04. What are two things that Via and Gran did together during their visit?

05. How did Via and her friends interact with August when he was little?

06. Where did August get his astronaut helmet?

07. What surprised Via the most on her first day of high school?

08. How does did August react when Via asked him about his day?

09. How did Via’s dad cheer her up?

10. What reason does Via’s dad give in support of her riding the subway?

11. Does Via ever plan to have her own children?

12. What happened to Via’s friendship with Miranda and Ella?

13. In the section titled October 31, why did August need to be picked up from school? 14. In the section titled Time to Think, why did Miranda call the house?

15. In the section titled Time to Think, is August going to go back to school?

Part 3

Critical Thinking Questions

01. How does Summer see August?

02. What does it tell us about Summer that she isn’t willing to play “the plague” game? Would you participate if this happened at our school?

03. Do you think Summer would have rather been at the Halloween Parade than the party? Provide evidence to support your answer.

04. How do you think losing her dad has affected Summer?

05. Why do you think Summer and August both dressed as mummies at Halloween?

Weekly Agenda Google Classroom Assignments

see Google Classroom

The following are sites for practice.....

Khan Academy Grammar Parts of Speech-;_ylt=AwrDQqvOzm9eNZMAIgsPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=khan+academy+parts+of+speech&fr=yhs-iba-1&hspart=iba&hsimp=yhs-1

All Subjects Brainpop:

Spelling City:

Read!Read!Read! Love you all!!!


































March 9-13

Reading Unit 5 Week 2 Story;Skill;Strategy"Harvesting Hope";Fact-Opinion; Text Structure; Story Vocabulary Words- (access, obstacle, wilt, authority, toll, lush, torment) Tested on weekly skills test);  

Monday-  Introduce Skill, Story, & Vocab;Novel Post Activities

Tuesday-  Small Groups/Rotations;Novel Post Activities

WednesdaySmall Groups/Rotations;Novel Post Activities

Thursday- 5.2 Reading Test; Small Groups/Rotations; Novel Post Activities

Friday-  Novel Post Activities

Reading Skill- Story Elements Links                                                                             

Unit 5 Story Vocabulary

The View from Saturday

Harvesting Hope Voc

River to the Sky

Gold Vocabulary Quizlet

Main Idea Brain Pop

5.5 Greensburg Goes Green

Grammar/Spelling Unit 5 Week 2 Grammar Skill/Spelling Strategy- Adjectives-Articles/Many Cultures

Monday- Introduce Skill; Brain Pop 

Tuesday- Spelling Definitions; Review/Practice Skill Grammar Book, Khan Academy; Spelling Packet

Wednesday- Review/Practice Skill Practice Sheet; Spelling Packet

Thursday- Review/Practice Skill Sheet; Spelling Packet Review

Friday- Take 5.2 Grammar & Spelling Tests

Grammar Skill 


Contractions                                                          Pronouns-