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Virtual Learning and Traditional Classrooms Updates


Please use the parents@acboe.net email address if you have additional questions.

ACBOE has provided the Virtual Learning and Traditional Classrooms FAQs to help parents select the best learning environment. Please click below for frequently asked questions and answers. There is no code for Schoology. Parents can go to https://www.schoology.com/k-12 to review the features of the learning management platform.

If parents choose the virtual option, there will be an orientation for parents to better familiarize them with the virtual learning platform, including how to login with their very own "code."

We will update as we get information.

Afternoon Dismissal Times:
 2:35 –
o Announcements
o Dismiss Carpool: All Purple Hallway students
o Dismiss Daycare Riders: to Media Center
 2:40 –
o Dismiss Walkers: All walkers exit out front exterior doors
o Dismiss Faculty and Staff Children: Parent classrooms
o Dismiss Carpool: Blue Hallway students
 2:45 -
o Dismiss Carpool:
 1 st Grade enter gym through door across from YMCA room
 2 nd Grade enter gym through door across from Mrs. Baker’s room

 2:55 –
o Dismiss Bus Riders: 1 st Load
 Purple and Green Hallways First
 Blue and Yellow Hallways Last

 3:00 -
o Dismiss Bus Riders: 2 nd Load
 4 th , 5 th , and 6 th to Lunchroom
 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd to Green Hallway

o Dismiss YMCA to Gymnasium


Helping Students Cope with COVID-19