Traci Crowder

2nd Grade Resource Teacher


Behavior Management Plan

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Meet The Teacher

Meet the Teacher


I have my bachelor's degree in Collaborative Education for the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Go Blazers! I also have my master's degree in Educational Leadership from Concord University in Athens, West Virginia.


This is my eleventh year teaching special education. I have taught from K-5th grade resource, inclusion, and self-contained. The majority of my experience has been with resource and inclusion of grades K-5th. 


I was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and grew up in Hoover. After graduating from Spain Park High School, I attended UAB and got my undergraduate degree in Collaborative Education in December of 2011. I moved to West Virginia with my husband and began my career working in McDowell County Schools. After 5 years in West Virginia, we decided to move back to Alabama to be closer to our families. I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, eating, and reading a good book. I'm very excited to continue my journey at Daniel Pratt Elementary School with the wonderful 2nd-grade teachers and students!

Useful Links

Reading Websites

System 44/Read 180

This is a reading system that I use to supplement the curriculum. The students know their log ins. 



This is the school wide reading intervention system. Each student has a time goal per week. It's great practice!


Spelling City

This is a wonderful website that can help with studying for spelling tests.

Math Websites


This is a math system that I use to supplement the curriculum. Each student should know his or her log in.



This website is great for practicing fact fluency.


Math Prodigy

This website is wonderful for all math-related problems. It is game-based math practice.


Cool Math Games

This website can be used to practice all math skills. Look for the game that covers what you are needing practice on.


Universal Silver

This website can be used to practice all money skills. Look at the descriptions to find the game practicing the skill you want to practice on. Thank you to Juliette and Tyler for helping me find these games! :)

Other Websites


This is a great website that has fun, interactive games that work on a variety of skills. It has great games for many skills.



This is the main website for virtual instruction. Please make sure that you are included in my resource classes. If you need help with this, please contact me.


Class Dojo

This is the website used for behavior management. Students receive positive points for participation and excellent behavior. They can receive negative or red points for poor behavior.


Google Classroom

This is the website used for classroom assignments. Please let me know if you are not a part of my classroom.