Tina Colvin
Second Grade Teacher

Courses Taught:

Self Contained

Discipline Plan


Classroom behavior will be monitored using our stoplight.  Every student will begin the day on green.  Yellow indicates a warning and red means the undesired behavior(s) must stop. We will use a calendar to track classroom behavior. Stickers will be given to those who remained on green.  Students on yellow will color the box yellow and those on red will have the behavior noted on the office referral form.   Calendars are kept in the white binder and should be initialed daily.  At the end of the week, students are rewarded with jobs and prizes.  Consequences for behavior will include notes, e mails and phone calls home.    After three days on red-step 3 on the office referral- the referral will be submitted to administration.  




8:00-8:10     Homeroom/Morning Word/ Character Education

8:10-9:00     Reading

9:00-9:45     Small Group Reading

9:45-10:05    Grammar/Writing

10:05-10:50   Rise Academy

10:52-11:15   Lunch/RR/Story

11:25-12:00   Math

12:00-12:45   Math groups

12:45-1:30    Science/Social Studies

1:30-1:40     Snack

1:45-2:30     PE

2:30-2:50     Pack up, Clean up, Dismiss


Thursday 12:00-12:45     Music/Technology

Friday  9:00-9:30     Library


Supply List


1 canvas tote bag or backpack-no rolling bags, please

½ inch white binder with clear pocket on the outside

1 package clear page protectors

1 supply pouch-soft, clear with zipper to be kept in white binder

1 plastic supply box

1 composition book (journal)

1 box 24 count crayons

1 pair scissors (Fiskars)

3 glue sticks

1 pkg #2 pencils-no mechanical or plastic coated pencils, please

3 plastic folders with pockets-orange, yellow and purple-Please do not label.

1 highlighter

Lysol or Clorox wipes

Kleenex, Paper towels, Plug In Air Freshener (optional items)


Boys:  1 pkg white cardstock

Girls:  1 ream colored copy paper



Handwriting paper $8.00

YMCA Water Safety Class $10.00 Please turn in form and money.

Scholastic News Magazine $10.00

INOW $10.00 per DPES family

Math and Reading workbooks $20.00





Bachelor's Degree--Early Childhood and Elementary Education--Auburn University in Montgomery

Master's Degree--Early Childhood Education--Auburn University in Montgomery

I have over 30 years of experience teaching first, second, and third grades. I am highly qualified. I am trained in AMSTI Math and Science, and Samuel trained in teaching English Language Learners.