Daniel Pratt Elementary School Fine Arts

Music Class

6th Grade:

For those of you that purchased a recorder, it will be given to you before the end of the year. Please email me if you have any questions.

If you have any questions about Junior High School band, please email me! I will be glad to help you with any questions!

All Students:

I will update the lessons weekly so you know what content we'll cover. This is a no-stress, fun video for the students to watch to keep up with what we've learned in music this year. 

Grades 4-6: This week, we'll watch a video about blues music. Blues originated in the United States so it is a purely American style of music. Here is a link to the brainpop video.



Grades 1-3: You'll be able to watch a video on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This video will tell you who Mozart is and a little bit of information about him.


5th & 6th Grade Choir

I am so sad that we will not be able to put on the performance of Dear Abby this year. Thank you ALL for such an amazing Christmas concert. I will leave the recordings online if you ever get bored and want to sing. I encourage all of you to continue performing, either in choir or band. 

DPES Eagle Idol Talent Show

Talent show particpants:

I am heartbroken that you won't get to perform in a talent show this year. I know how hard every one of you worked! You will still receive the certificate you would have received from the show. I look forward to seeing you all perform next year!


Prattville High School-2008

Bachelor's of Music Education- Auburn University- 2012


After I graduated from Auburn University, I received a job as the band director at Georgia Washington Middle School in Montgomery. I taught there for a year and was then fortunate to receive the job here at Daniel Pratt Elementary School. This is my 6th year here at DPES and  I'm looking forward to what's in store!



Prattville is my hometown. I was a part of the first 2nd grade class to walk in the doors here at Daniel Pratt when the school opened. I started band in 7th grade at Prattville Junior High and my interest in music only grew from there. After participating in the marching band at Prattville High School, I went on to perform with the Auburn University Marching Band. War Eagle! I've been able to travel all over the country by participating in the bands at PHS and Auburn University. In my free time, I enjoy playing with my cats, Ollie and Oscar, and taking my dog, Sadie, to the dog park!