Mrs. Melissa Cox
1st Grade Teacher
(334) 361-6400

Courses Taught:

1st Grade All Subjects


May Journal Prompts

(Taken from our classroom-used files by The Primary Techie)


*The best thing about May is _____.

* Tell about a time when you felt excited.

* Make a list of 5 things that you can do with friends.  Use the ideas from your list to   write sentences!

* How do you wrap a gift?

* I get so bored when _____.

* Would you rather have helium balloons or water balloons?

* Make a list of 5 things you can do in the summer.  Use the ideas from your list to   write sentences!

* What if you always walked backwards?

* Would you rather ride a ferris wheel or a roller coaster?

* I hope I never see _____.

* Make a list of 5 things that you can find in a city.  Use the ideas from your list to write          sentences!

* How do you make popcorn?

* Would you rather play with one friend or play with two friends?

* What if it rained every day?

* Make a list of 5 things found in a bedroom.  Use the ideas from your list to write sentences!

* Would you rather be a farmer or a doctor?

* What if you had a pet dinosaur?

* Would you like to be a vet?  Tell why or why not.

* If I had huge muscles, I would _______.

* Make a list of 5 types of insects.  Use the ideas from your list to write sentences!



You finished your online school last week.

Please keep practicing with Lexia and Reflex through the summer.

Welcome to Daniel Pratt!

My name is Melissa Cox and I am excited to be teaching first grade at Daniel Pratt Elementary School!  I moved to Prattville as an Air Force brat back in junior high.  After graduating from Prattville High School (GO LIONS!) in 1996, I attended Troy State University (now Troy University) and graduated in 2000.  The next week, I married my husband, David, and moved to Columbus, Georgia.  We came back the next year and settled in to "The Preferred Community" for good.  Right in the middle of graduate school, we had the first of two daughters, Hannah, in 2005.  Emma joined us in 2007.  Hannah is a freshman at Prattville High School, and Emma is in 7th grade at Prattville Junior High School.  Both of our girls attended 1st through 6th grade at Daniel Pratt.  I love teaching first grade and look forward to what I will learn from the students every day.

Educational Background:

1996  Graduated from Prattville High School

2000  Graduated from Troy State University with a BS in Early Childhood Education

2006  Graduated from Auburn University at Montgomery with a MS in Early Childhood Education


2000-2001  Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School (Columbus, GA): 4th Grade, All Subjects

2001-2006  Autaugaville School (Autaugaville, AL): Kindergarten, All Subjects

2006-Present  Daniel Pratt Elementary School: 1st Grade, All Subjects