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Marylyn Brownell

Counselor 1 - 3


Courses Taught:

Counselor 1 - 3



I am the school guidance counselor for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.  It is my goal to help children feel good about themselves and to be successful in school.  Your child, along with his/her classmates will come to my class, "The Big Top Room", and participate in guidance lessons that help promote a heathy attitude and healthy behavior.  The curriculum is designed to provide all children with the skills needed to help them reach their maximum potential in the areas of personal/social, educational and career development.  With each visit your child will meet puppet characters that teach him/her about friendship, respect, honesty, responsibility, making good choices and other healthy character traits.


I am also available to help with special concerns that your child may have.  There are times in life when children may experience difficulties for some reason or another.  They may feel sad, mad, worried, anxious, or confused.  These are times when they need extra support and guidance from someone who understands and cares.  I can provide extra support through individual counseling or through small group counseling.  If there is ever a time that your child should need some extra guidance, please feel free to contact me.  I would be happy to work with him/her.  I want your child to feel happy and confident about being at Daniel Pratt Elementary School.