Daniel Pratt Elementary School Lunch Program
Welcome to our Lunchroom

A few important facts:

  • A-la-carte items such as fruit drinks, water, ice cream or extra food items may be purchased each day on the lunch account, (if the account is not negative) unless special limits are requested from parents.
  • Ice Cream is 1.00. This is not included with lunch unless it is on the menu.
  • Extra fries are .50 and all extra meat items are 1.25.
  • Lunches accounts are required to keep a positive balance. You can keep track of and pay on your child(ren)'s accounts online using our new PayPams system. Just go to www.paypams.com Student breakfast price is $1.25; lunch price is $2.50 (full rate).
  • Free/Reduced Rate lunch application may be found on-line at www.SchoolLunchApp.com
  • Sandwich Boxes, Salad and Fruit served daily.
  • Milk is served daily with every meal (.40 cents)
  • Visitors Welcome (visitor breakfast price is $1.75; lunch price is $3.50)
  • Menus are subject to change without notice
  • The lunchroom has Dippin' Dots Tuesdays! If you have no restrictions on their lunch accounts, they may purchase $2.00 Yogurt Dippin' Dots from their lunch accounts - IF THEY HAVE MONEY. You may also send cash, HOWEVER, if you have a "Friday Ice Cream Only" restriction, please send a note or email allowing Dippin'Dots on Tuesday. If you do not want your student to purchase Dippin' Dots, please email the restrictions, or any correspondence, you want to Teri.Pearson@acboe.net

Our menus are subject to change.

Our lunchroom manager is Mrs. Teri Pearson. Please contact her at any time if you have questions (334-365-5547) or email her at teri.pearson@acboe.net

Lunch & Breakfast Menu

February Menu