Kena Smyth
Fourth Grade Teacher

Courses Taught:

4th Grade Language Arts


Google Classroom Assignments:

All assignments will be posted on Monday, and they will be due on Sunday by midnight.  Each family and home situation is different, therefore there will not be a set time from DPES everyday that you need to spend doing work.  Some families may choose to do the work a little each day, while other families may have children that want to do it all in one day.  The work will be assigned, and it is up to you to complete it at some point during the week so that is submitted by  Sunday night.

Brain Pop Jr.

username: dpes123

passcode: eagles

During this unprecedented time, I want you to start journaling.  You can write about the changes that are going on, what you are doing every day, and your feelings about COVID-19. 


Week of May 18-20


-Watch the “Setting Goals” BrainPop video and “Mark as done”.


-Watch the “I vs. Me” BrainPop video and “Mark as done”


-Journal Entry: Overall, how was the distance learning experience? Did you like it? Would you do it again by choice?




Weekly Updates

Email:  The link for my email address has been removed.  I was not receiving all emails when the link was used.  To contact me through email, please email me directly at


Dates to Remember:







This Week in Language Arts


I will use this section to post what we are covering in class. I will give a brief description of the skills being covered for each subject.  I will update my website at the end of each week or on Monday with all of the week's information.  :)


Reading:  We will be reading the story,"" , this week.

Comprehension Skill:  

Vocabulary Words: 

Every story, students will have 6 Amazing Vocabulary.  They will need to define the word, write a sentence with the word, give a synonym and antonym, and give the part of speech.  They will do this in class using their Oxford Pocket Dictionary/Thesaurus.  After 4 stories, we will have an Amazing Vocabulary test.  They will be able to use all 4 sheets to help them with the test. 

Amazing Words: 




Upcoming Tests: (Dates are subject to change)



Ms. Prater's and Mrs. Smyth's Supply List



(1) 1 or 1 ½ inch clear view binders


(1) package of plastic dividers with pockets


(3) marbled composition book




3-pronged pencil pouch


(Reading class) (1) Pocket Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus              


This dictionary may be purchased online or at Prattville Books-A-Million by July 29th (in the front under SMYTH.) This is an essential dictionary/thesaurus for her class that will be used for years to come.


(1) package of page protectors


(2) packages of cap erasers


(3) packages of 3 x 5 lined index cards


(1) package of glue sticks


(1) 3 prong pocket folder (for counseling)






Colored pencils                                                                                        


Scissors (Intermediate school size)                                                     


(3) Great Value brand wipes


(1) Hand Soap                                                                                 


(3) reams of white copy paper (No Target brand- it will not feed through our copy machine.)


(2) paper towels


(1) Post-It Notes                                                                                              


(1) Dry Erase Markers


Boys: Gallon size ziplock bags


Girls: Sandwich size ziplock bags



Wish List for Mrs. Smyth:


HP 63XL/63 Ink Cartridges

Febreeze Noticeables (Refills)

Treasure Box Items

Board games for Fun Friday

Swiffer Wet Jet

Murphy’s Oil Soap


Clorox Clean-Up

Spelling List

Unit 4 Spelling Words


Week 4.1 Week 4.2 Week 4.3 Week 4.4 Week 4.5
don’t chicken nation village distrust
shouldn’t eleven special except uncertain
won’t brother lotion explain incomplete
couldn’t jungle mansion quick unlikely
wouldn’t natural precious charge unfair
where’s together creation bridge discontinue
there’s calendar  vacation knowledge unaware
hadn’t needle tension question disorder
we’re several especially equal discount
aren’t summer motion queen indirect
you’re threaten tradition excited unopened
they’re caterpillar gracious expect disrespect
doesn’t paddle extension Texas unimportant
it’s animal addition fudge unlisted
I’ve pitcher caution excellent disrepair
we’ve shelter official exercise inability
here’s oval solution quart disapprove
when’s frighten suspension liquid unsolved
wasn’t mumble politician quilt disobey
haven’t deliver portion expert unsuspecting
it’ll strengthen comprehension expedition disintegrate
mustn’t binocular physician aquarium disillusioned
who’ll individual artificial inquire unconscious
we’d cubicle contraction frequent unappetizing
might’ve character competition advantage intolerant



Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Auburn University (1993)

Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Troy University (1997)

Personal Bio

My name is Kena Smyth, and I teach 4th grade Language Arts at Daniel Pratt Elementary School.  I taught 4th grade at Prattville Elementary School before I decided to stay at home to raise my family.  This is my eighth year back after 13 years!  My heart hasn't changed.  I still love to teach!  I grew up in Prattville, and I am so glad my children can grow up here too!  I have been married to my wonderful husband, Steve, for 22 years.  We have 4 terrific children!  Jack, my 20 year-old, is a sophomore at Troy University.  Go Trojans!  Ella, my 18 year-old, a freshman at the University of Alabama.  Roll Tide!  John Tate, my 16 year-old, is a 11th grader at Prattville High School. Go Lions!!  And last but not least, Jess, my 13 year-old, is a 8th grader at Prattville Junior High School.  Go Cats!  We also have 1 Cocker Spaniel, Patch.  Our 2 cats are Tiger and Sparkle.  My life is busy and hectic, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

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