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4th Grade Language Arts

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Dates to Remember:

January 29:  End of 2nd 9 weeks



This Week in Language Arts


I will use this section to post what we are covering in class. I will give a brief description of the skills being covered for each subject.  I will update my website at the end of each week or on Monday with all of the week's information.  :)


Reading:    We will be reading the story, "Eye of the Storm".

Comprehension Skill:  Cause and Effect

Vocabulary Words: destruction, expected, forecasts, inland, shatter, surge

Every story, students will have 6 Amazing Vocabulary.  They will need to define the word, write a sentence with the word, give a synonym and antonym, and give the part of speech.  They will do this in class using their Oxford Pocket Dictionary/Thesaurus.  After 4 stories, we will have an Amazing Vocabulary test.  They will be able to use all 4 sheets to help them with the test. 

Amazing Words:  severe, estimate, unpredictable, powerful, blizzard, meterologists

Grammar-  Past, Present, Future Tenses

Spelling-  Compound Words

Upcoming Tests: (Dates are subject to change)

January 28

Grammar Quiz

January 29

Spelling Test

Reading Test





Ms. Prater's and Mrs. Smyth's Supply List



(1) 1 or 1 ½ inch clear view binders


(1) package of plastic dividers with pockets


(3) marbled composition book




3-pronged pencil pouch


(Reading class) (1) Pocket Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus              


This dictionary may be purchased online or at Prattville Books-A-Million (in the front under SMYTH).   This is an essential dictionary/thesaurus for her class that will be used for years to come.


(1) package of page protectors


(2) packages of cap erasers


(2) packages of 3 x 5 lined index cards


(1) package of glue sticks


(1) 3 prong pocket folder (for counseling)






Colored pencils                                                                                        


Scissors (Intermediate school size)                                                     


(3) Clorox/Lysol wipes***if available


(1) Hand Soap                                                                                 


(2) reams of white copy paper (No Target brand- it will not feed through our copy machine.)


(2) paper towels


(1) Post-It Notes                                                                                              


(1) Dry Erase Markers


(1) set of headphones for personal use


Boys: Gallon size ziplock bags


Girls: Sandwich size ziplock bags



Wish List for Mrs. Smyth:


HP 63XL/63 Ink Cartridges

Febreeze Noticeables (Refills)

Treasure Box Items

Board games for Fun Friday

Swiffer Wet Jet

Murphy’s Oil Soap


Clorox Clean-Up

Disposable gloves

Unit 2 Spelling Words


Week 2.1 Week 2.2 Week 2.3 Week 2.4 Week 2.5
monkeys videos morning Thanksgiving return
friends feet forest among courage
plays potatoes garbage think surface
supplies themselves form blank purpose
taxes lives alarm graph first
holidays leaves corner young turkey
months cliffs story wheel heard
companies men argue nephew early
costumes halves backyard belong turtle
sandwiches moose start whiskers birthday
hobbies radios partner whisper journal
daisies sheep storm elephant courtesy
delays cuffs Florida white nourish
scratches beliefs apartment shrink purse
counties patios sport wharf furniture
teammates children force trunk search
memories tornadoes forward strong curtain
bunches tomatoes sharp blink burrow
batteries hoofs garden chunk hamburger
donkeys loaves Arkansas skunk survey
eyelashes portfolios departure strengthen turquoise
ambulances embargoes margarine bankrupt absurd
trophies handkerchiefs informative phantom furthermore
secretaries calves snorkel whimsical flourish
inventories lassoes carnation whatever nourishment



Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Auburn University (1993)

Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Troy University (1997)

Personal Bio

My name is Kena Smyth, and I teach 4th grade Language Arts at Daniel Pratt Elementary School.  I taught 4th grade at Prattville Elementary School before I decided to stay at home to raise my family.  This is my ninth year back after 13 years!  My heart hasn't changed.  I still love to teach!  I grew up in Prattville, and I am so glad my children can grow up here too!  I have been married to my wonderful husband, Steve, for 23 years.  We have 4 terrific children!  Jack, my 21 year-old, is a junior at Troy University.  Go Trojans!  Ella, my 19 year-old, a sophomore at the University of Alabama.  Roll Tide!  John Tate, my 17 year-old, is a 12th grader at Prattville High School. Go Lions!!  And last but not least, Jess, my 14 year-old, is a 9th grader at Prattville High School.  Go Lions!  We also have 1 Cocker Spaniel, Patch and 1 Beagle mix, Daisy.  Our 1 cat is Sparkle.  My life is busy and hectic, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

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