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School Messenger

Hello, this is Donna Finch, principal of Daniel Pratt Elementary School.  Please listen to the following announcements:
The last day to turn in Impact Aid forms is Wednesday.
Safety Drill: Thursday
Friendsgiving is Friday.  The children are allowed to wear pajamas, bring their favorite stuffed animal, and have a very special snack opportunity.  The preorder forms for pizza and popcorn were sent home last week.  The deadline to have the order forms and money turned in is Tuesday by 8:00 a.m.  We are not allowed to take money in the front office.  Your child must turn in their own form and money to their homeroom teacher. 

Have a wonderful afternoon, a fabulous week and Go Eagles!!






6th Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

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Courses Taught:

6th Grade Math, Science, Social Studies


Use the link below for Schoology please:

 Schoology Autauga County



Discipline Plan

All students are expected to behave in class and other school settings.  Warnings are given to students as needed, but if behaviors continue that are distracting or interrupting the learning processes, the following will occur.  Class DOJO will be used this year to reinforce the discipline plan.

  1. Student Conference to alert the student to the disruptive behavior and to allow the student to correct the behavior.
  2. Student assigned consequence (silent lunch or break detention for example)
  3. Parent contact by phone, email, or conference.
  4. Office Referral


I graduated from Autauga Academy.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood/Elementary Education degree from Auburn University at Montgomery.

I received my Master of Science in Elementary Education degree from Auburn University at Montgomery.


I worked in health care for several years before going back to finish my degrees.  I have been teaching sixth grade here since graduation.

About Me

I have lived in the Prattville area my entire life and love this part of the state. I am married to Wade Hall, and together we have three grown children, and two grandchildren to spoil!  I have always loved learning and I really enjoy teaching sixth grade!  I enjoy growing plants and flowers, and anything that has to do with the water!  

My goal for the students I teach is for them to learn in ways that cause them to think and reason.  Education should be something more to them than just facts and figures to memorize.  It should have meaning and cause them to think about how it relates to the things they do everyday.  I want them to develop a good work ethic and strive for high academic achievement through a variety of activities and lessons. 


**Lesson plans will be adjusted as needed**

Monday: DMP Day 1 with solutions given in class.  Review of Rates, Ratios and Proportions.  HW: Handout

Tuesday - DMP 2 today with solutions.  Review Rates, Ratios, and Proportions with Percent.  HW:  Handout

Wednesday -   DMP day 3 with solutions given in class. Review Rates, Ratios, Proportions  TEST tomorrow. No HW

Thursday - DMP day 4 with solutions given in class. TEST Rates, Ratios, Proportions. HW: Study for DMP quiz .

Friday  -DMP Quiz and small groups. 

If you need to review basic math concepts, please visit mathantics.com for videos that are very helpful and easy to follow.  Kkan Academy is a great resource also and we use it in class periodically.




Social Studies

Monday -.WW1 Review and test Prep.  

Tuesday - TEST WW1.

Wednesday - Begin Ch 9.

Thursday - Ch 9 Lesson 1

Friday - Friendsgiving Activities.

Study Guides


Monday -  Earth, Moon, Sun system.

Tuesday -  Earth, Moon, Sun . 

Wednesday  - Earth, Moon, Sun .

Thursday -  Earth, Moon, Sun.

Friday - Friendsgiving Activities.  

Study Guides