Mrs. Jessica Sims
5th Grade Math/Science/Social Studies

Courses Taught:

Math/Science/Social Studies


Assignments for the Week of March 2nd-6th


Monday - Volume using models and Volume with given dimensions practice

Tuesday -  Review determining volume using models and given dimensions


Thursday - No math due to early dismissal

Friday - No math due to Talent Show

Social Studies

Monday - Week 18 Newspaper "Plans for the New Government" discussion

Tuesday -

Wednesday - Bill of Rights Quiz (students were given a copy of the 1st 10 amendments last week. There is a quizlet in the "links to study" section below. They will need to know the amendment # and the main phrase of that amendment <bold text on their copy of the Bill of Rights>

Thursday -

Friday -

Links to Study:

50 States Flashcards:

Locating 50 States Game:

Locating 50 States:

Preamble to the Constitution:

Bill of Rights:


Monday -

Tuesday - work on rough draft for Ecosystem Brochure (due today so they can get the paper for the final draft)

Wednesday -

Thursday - work on Ecosystem Brochure (all students should be working on the final draft at this point)


Links to Study:



Classroom Management:

Expectations, Consequences, and Rewards

Class Schedule:

Class Expectations


1.         Be Prepared:  with class supplies, assignments, and a good attitude

2.         Be Respectful:  to yourself, to others, and the learning process

3.         Be Honest:  about your work and your actions

4.         Be Successful:  give your best effort and work all the time

5.         Participate in Class Appropriately:  raise your hand to be called on, wait patiently for a speaker to finish, make positive contributions to your group, and work cooperatively with your classmates



What happens if the rules are broken?

Whether it is a school rule or a class rule, the following consequences may be issued.  **Some steps may be skipped, depending on the severity or frequency of the offense.**

1. Verbal Warning

2. Sign the Clipboard (After signing the clipboard twice, a parent note will be sent home.)

3. Silent snack or silent lunch after the clipboard has been signed a third time.

4. Phone call to the parents if the clipboard is signed again after serving detention.

5. Parent Conference (if needed)

6. Office Referral (3 silent snacks/lunches in a 9 weeks period)



When students are caught exhibiting positive behaviors, they will receive a piece of candy, homework pass or a RISE receipt. 

7:45-8:05            Homeroom

8:10-9:25             1st Block Math

9:30-9:45             Snack

9:50-10:35           PE

10:40-11:45         1st Block Science/Social Studies

11:50-12:22         2nd Block Math

12:22-12:45         Lunch

12:45-1:40           2nd Block Math

1:45-2:50            2nd Block Science/Social Studies

2:50                     Announcements and Dismissal Starts

I graduated from The University of Alabama in May of 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.  
Work Experience

*2012-2015 Pleasant Grove Elementary - 5th grade - Math/Social Studies

*2015-present Daniel Pratt Elementary - 5th grade - Math/Science/Social Studies

Personal Bio
My husband, Tyler, and I have 2 little girls. Kathryn is 3 and Rebecca will be 1 in May. I love spending time with my family and friends, eating Chick-fil-A and going to Target!