Jessica Sims

5th Grade Math, Science, & Social Studies



*Children's Theatre Field Trip money/permission form is due by 8:00 on Thursday, 11/10.

*2nd payment for the Dauphin Island Field Trip is due no later than Thursday, 12/8.

*No School on Friday, 11/11.


Week of November 7th-11th, 2022


Monday: Skill: Dividing by 2-digit divisor; Homework

Tuesday: Skill: Dividing by 2-digit divisor; Homework

Wednesday: Dividing by 2-digit divisor TEST; Timed Test #4 (practice-4 minutes)

Thursday: STAR math test to check progress

Friday: NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day


Helpful Links:


soc st.


Tuesday: Week 8 Newspaper "Jamestown" discussion

Wednesday: Week 8 Newspaper "Jamestown" discussion/quiz


Friday: NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day

Links to Study:

Tour the States song

All 50 State Capitals/Abbreviations


Monday: Chapter 1 Review - study guide given and reviewed (review game linked below)



Thursday: Chapter 1 Science Test

Friday: NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day


Links to Study

Chapter 1 Review

Mrs. Sim's Wish List

*White Copy Paper

*Color Copy Paper

*Cardstock (any color)

*Black Expo Markers

*Clorox wipes


*Paper Towels

*Building Materials for STEM projects (any type magnet blocks, legos, bristle shape 3D blocks

*Gift Cards (Amazon, Target, Walmart) *This really helps to provide materials for science projects*

*Money Donation to my DPES class account

*card games (Old Maid, Uno, Phase 10)

Behavior Management

What happens if the rules are broken?

Whether it be a school rule or a class rule, the following consequences my be issued. This plan will be followed by Mrs. McKay and Mrs. Sims.

**Some steps may be skipped, depending on the severity or frequency of the offense.**

1. Verbal Warning

2. Lose Class Dojo points (after losing 3 points, a parent note will be sent home.)

3. Silent snack or lunch will be given after 5 points have been lost.

4. Phone call or message to the parent if Dojo points are lost again

5. Parent Conference (if needed)

6. Office Referral

Class Dojo points can be earned for the following reasons:

R.I.S.E. - Being respectful to others, showing integrity, exhibiting self-control, giving 100% effort in all activities

Class Dojo points can be lost for the following reasons:

not prepared for class, disrespect to teacher or student, talking, teasing/bullying, inappropriate language, hallway infraction, off task (playing, off task disruption), cheating/lying, not following directions, incomplete assignments (homework or classwork), inappropriate restroom behavior, property damage

Class Schedule

7:45-8:10 Homeroom/Character Education/Breakfast

8:10-9:10 1st Block Science/Social Studies

9:15-9:55 P.E.

9:55-10:15 Snack

10:20-11:30 1st Block Math

11:30-11:40 Transition to next class

11:40-1:30 2nd Block Math

**lunch 12:22-12:43**

1:30-2:50 2nd Block Science/Social Studies

2:50-3:10 Dismissal


The University of Alabama

May 2012

Bachelor's of Science Degree

in Elementary Education


*Pleasant Grove Elementary:

5th Grade Math - August 2012-May 2014

5th Grade Math & Social Studies - August 2014-May 2015

*Daniel Pratt Elementary:

5th Grade Math, Science, & Social Studies - August 2015-present

Personal Bio

My husband, Tyler, and I have 2 girls. Kathryn is 5 and Rebecca is 3. I love spending time with my family and friends. We enjoy going to the river and the beach. My favorites include Chick-Fil-A, tacos, Dr. Pepper, Reese's, and Target.