Emily McKay
5th grade Reading/Language Arts

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5th grade Reading/Language Arts


WEEK OF March 16-20

This Week in Language Arts

Skill: An adverb tells how, when, or where something happens. It can describe a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Many adverbs that tell how end in -ly. You can change adjectives to adverbs by adding -ly.

A comparative adverb compares two people, places, things, or groups. Add -er to most adverbs to make them comparative. For example: longer, faster

A superlative adverb is used to compare three or more people, places, things, or groups. Add -est to most adverbs to make them superlative. For example: longest, fastest.

PRACTICE Game: https://www.turtlediary.com/games/adverbs.html

spelling words: Greek Word Parts

1. telephone

2. graphic

3. thermometer

4. photographer

5. centimeter

6. paragraph

7. telescope

8. diameter

9. photocopy

10. speedometer

11. telegraph

12. millimeter

13. autograph

14. television

15. barometer

16. telecommute

17. pedometer

18. phonograph

19. kilometer

20. telephoto







This Week in Reading

STORY: “Ghost Towns of the American West ”

SKILL: Generalize

To generalize means to make a broad statement or rule that applies to several examples. Clue words such as all, many, and most can signal that an author is making a generalization. If these generalizations are supported by the text, they are valid. If not, they are faulty generalizations.

PRACTICE GAME: https://jeopardylabs.com/play/lets-make-generalizations


  • economic - of or about the management of the income, supplies, and expenses of a household, government, etc.
  • independence - freedom from the control, influence, support, or help of others
  • overrun - to spread over
  • scrawled - written or drawn poorly
  • vacant - not occupied


*Wednesday, April 8 - Report Cards go home



7:45 8:10        Homeroom

8:10 9:30        Reading/Language Arts

9:30 9:45       Snack/Restroom

9:50 10:35       PE

10:35 10:40      Restroom/Water

10:40 11:45      Reading/Lang. Arts (continued)

11:45 11:55      Change Classes/Restroom

11:55 12:10      Reading/Language Arts

12:12 12:35      Lunch

12:35 12:40     Restroom

12:40 2:50      Reading/Lang. Arts (continued)

2:50 3:00        Pack Up/Announcements

3:00 3:15         Dismissal



10:40 11:25


What happens if the rules are broken?

Whether it is a school rule or a class rule, the following consequences may be issued.  This plan will be followed by Mrs. Sims and myself.

**Some steps may be skipped, depending on the severity or frequency of the offense.**

          1.  Verbal Warning

2. Sign the Clipboard (After signing the clipboard twice, a parent               note will be sent home.)

3. Silent snack or lunch will be given after the clipboard has been               signed a third time.

4. Phone Call or email to the parent if the clipboard is signed                    again after serving silent snack/lunch.

5. Parent Conference (if needed)

6. Office Referral


Prattville High School - 2003

Auburn University Montgomery - BS in Early Childhood/Childhood Education 2008


*Prattville Intermediate School

2008-2011 ~ 6th grade Reading/Language Arts teacher

*Daniel Pratt Elementary School

 2011-present ~ 5th grade Reading/Language Arts teacher

*January 2020 - WSFA's Class Act Teacher Award Winner

Personal Bio

I am a native of Prattville and a product of the Autauga County School System. I am proud to give back to the school system that gave so much to me. My husband and I have two, wonderful boys, Will (10) and Britton (6). I love spending time with my family and friends, the beach, and Chick-fil-A!!