Donna Roberts

Second Grade Teacher


Courses Taught:

2nd grade self-contained / all subjects


Meet The Teacher

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  My name is Donna Roberts.  Prattville has been my home since 2002.  I enjoy camping, spending time at the lake and with my family.  My daughter, Kayla and her husband Jack both graduated from University of Mobile, and they live in Nevada.  I am super blessed to have 2 amazing grandchildren.  Nova Jaymes is 5 1/2 and Riggs is 21 months old.  My son, Logan and his wife Sarah live in Auburn, where they both graduated a few years ago.   I also have a precious, crazy cocker spaniel named Toby.  

I earned my BS in Elementary Education from University of Montevallo in 1985 and my Master's in Early Childhood Education from Georgia College in 1987.  This will be my 37th year of teaching, 19 of those being in 2nd grade.  I have also taught kindergarten, 3rd grade and Remedial Reading.

I am very excited about this school year, and look forward to meeting my new students and their parents.  I strive to meet the needs of  each of my students , and pray for them regularly.  I believe in providing a classroom environment where all students can focus on learning and can be successful, which is why you will find structured, yet fun and motivational activities taking place at any moment.  Thank you for allowing me to be one of the most important influences in your child's life.  For that reason I ask for you to cover me in prayer.   I look forward to partnering with you through this exciting journey.


Ms. Roberts’ Class Schedule




    8:00-8:10       MorningWork/CharacterEd.

    8:10-8:50        Rise Academy (Literacy Intervention)

   8:50-9:00         Restroom

  9:00-10:40       ELA: Reading-whole/small group; Writing;

                                    Spelling, Grammar

 10:49-11:12      Lunch

 11:15-11:35      Math           

 11:40-12:20       P.E. / Planning

  12:25-1:45        Math

   1:45-2:05        Snack/Brain Break/Restroom

   2:05-2:50        Science/Social Studies

   2:50-3:05        Character / Wrap-Ups / Dismissal


  Music:      Tuesday   1:00-1:45. (Week A)

  Library:     Friday   9:20-9:50



Behavior Management Plan


Located in our classroom is a behavior management “Rules” board.  It states that  

                                            Fabulous Frogs:

                   1.  Listen and follow directions (immediately)

                   2.  Treat others, self, and school with respect.

                   3.  Complete Work - to the best of their ability.


Each child has a frog on the board with his/her name on it.   All frogs begin the day on the board.  Frogs remaining on the board the entire day earn a sticker on their behavior calendar that day.  Students who earn a sticker every day that week will get to go to the "Treasure Wagon" on Friday and participate in Fun Friday.


Misbehavior or failure to follow any of the rules results in the child’s frog “hopping” from the board to the log.  This will result in NO sticker for that day (no treasure wagon),  but he/she will still get to participate in “Fun Friday.” 


If the child continues to break the rules, the fro“lands in hot water,” which means he/she will not receive a sticker on the chart for that day and will lose 10 minutes of “Fun Friday.” 


If the child’s frog gets removed from the water into the red basket, he/she does not get a sticker, has silent snack, and loses 15 min. of Fun Friday.  


**Four or more “red baskets” will result in an office referral.


Other opportunities to be rewarded when “caught making good choices” occur throughout the day.  Earned tickets can be traded for classroom reward coupons. Positive behaviors for group and whole class can accumulate, and result in group or class reward.  


Fun Friday Plans

We will have Fun Friday:

- in our classroom, where students will be able to play with games and toys designated just for that time (legos, tinker toys, marble maze, building gadgets, car tracks, magnets, Sorry, Life, etc.)

-outside, where students can free play with balls, frisbees, chalk, bubbles, etc.


 **We are always in need of “cool” things for our “Treasure Wagon.”  These can be new or used (good condition).  When cleaning out or going to yard sales, or obtaining unwanted Kids’ Meal toys, Target $1 items, small playdoughs, etc. please think of us!!


Thank you so much for your help!!



Supply List


Supply List



We are very fortunate and grateful that ACBOE has provided much of our students' supplies again this year. There are still some items however, that were not provided, and are needed for our classroom to run more smoothly.  Please make sure your child brings the following items to Monday's Open House or the first day of school:


                                     child-sized headphones

                               2 rolls paper towels

                               2 containers clorox wipes

                               2 boxes kleenex

                               1 ream of bright colored copy paper

                               1 small yellow highlighter

                               1 gallon or pint size zip-lock bags




                                    WISH  LIST


  • small stickers for behavior calendar 
  • items for our treasure wagon (note behavior management plan)
  • small liquid glue
  • gift cards to Teachers Pay Teachers online                     






Thank you so very much!!!