Meet the teacher

 Week of Nov. 27-Dec. 1

Lesson: _____________Unit 3 Lesson 1_____________________

Story Title: ____”A New Life For Mei”______________

Spelling Pattern:___-oo____

Reading: __Making Inferences, Predicting _________

Grammar Skill:______Abstract Nouns__________________

Tests: __Vocabulary, Reading, Spelling________________

Homework Due: __Friday__________

Reminders: ~ Read for 20 minutes per day.

      You may use your Clever Badge to listen to the weekly story online on the McGraw Hill icon.

You may get on MY PATH Reading to help with reading skills and ACAP practice.

Please read the homework passage aloud each night to increase fluency. Answer the question(s) in complete sentences to help with writing. Continue to encourage AR testing in the classroom.