Collier Jones
4th Grade Teacher

Courses Taught:

4th Grade Reading and Language Arts

Bio and Education
Hello! My name is Collier Jones, and I grew up in Athens, GA. I attended Auburn University where I received a degree in Early Childhood Education. War Eagle!  We are so excited to live in Prattville. This will be my 12th year at Daniel Pratt Elementary School. I taught third grade for two years and six grade for six years. This is my fourth year teaching fourth grade. I am so excited! My husband, Bo, and I were married on June 6, 2009. We welcomed our sweet little boy, Winn, on August 20, 2011. In June of 2015 , we were blessed with a little girl, Millie Hayes. Life is great, and we can't wait to have a great year!


 Auburn University 2003-2007 Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Auburn University Montgomery 2010-2012 Graduate Program to Specialize in Reading

All of our assignments are now listed in our google classroom. Please check there for more information.


This week's assignments:

This week the activities are broken down by day in order to help you not get behind. Please try to have Monday and Tuesday activities completed before Wednesday so we can check over the workbook pages and go over any questions. Any written work or workbook pages that needs to be completed can be completed on notebook paper or in the workbook. These pages will also be uploaded in google documents. You can complete on the google doc or you can complete in your workbook or on notebook paper, take a picture then e-mail is to me at The choice is yours.



                Spelling- Look at all the words. They are uploaded to

                Grammar- Watch Grammar Jammer. Then watch the Adverb brainpop videos and complete workbook p.330. We will check this on Wednesday during our google meeting.

                Reading- Watch Compare and Contrast brainpop video. In the “Online Student Edition,” read p. 202 and 203. Complete workbook p. 327. We will check this together during our google meeting.



Spelling- Complete workbook p. 331

Grammar- Watch the Adverb brainpop videos. Take the quiz and e-mail it to me at

Reading- In the “Online Student Edition,” read p. 204 and 205. Complete the vocabulary activities.


We will have our google meeting at 10 am. We will go over the completed workbook pages. I will also upload them to the website.

After our meeting, please read our story on pages 206-217 in the online student edition. Complete the trifold.



Spelling- Complete workbook p.373 and send it to me.

Grammar- Complete grammar workbook p. 372 and send it to me.

Reading- complete vocab p. 329 and send it to me.


Friday- Complete the weekly skills test.


All work must be completed by Friday at 11:59pm. This will allow me to check complete and incomplete over the weekend before we start a new week. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please do not wait until the last minute. It will stress us both out!

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