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4th Grade Math/Science/History

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4th Grade Math/Science/Alabama History




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Bell Ringer each day will be from Week 13. Go over these skills nightly. Check to see if your child is proficient at subtraction with borrowing and 2 digit X 2 digit numbers. 

Lesson: 10-4 Dividing 2 digit Dividends with 1 digit divisors with remainders. Pg 237-238 word problems.

Bell Ringer: DMR day 2

Lesson 10-5 Dividing 2 digit dividends(and 3) with 1 digit divisors with remainders. Completing a worksheet in class.

Homework: WB 10-5

DMR Day 3

Last Multiplication Fact drill for this 9 weeks.

Quiz on dividing 2 and 3 digit dividends by a 1 digit divisor with remainders.

DMR day 4

Performance Series in Math.

NO homework unless they are missing assignments.

DMR Wrap up. 

Lesson 10-6 Division with larger dividends and remainders.

Finish any missing work.


We will review the forms of energy and start our booklet on Sound energy. We have several experiments all week. A letter will go home this week about a project where your child has to build an instrument. It will be due in class next week... either on Monday or Tuesday. 

How to create and change sound is our focus today. Study Vocabulary!!

Creating, changing, sound and changing forms of energy into sound energy. Pitc, frequency, vibrations, wavelength. h, volume, amplitude  Study vocabulary!!!!

Experiments in class

Re read Chapter 1 lesson 2.

Homework: make waves in the bathtub or sink.

How does sound travel? Labeling the parts of a sound wave. Crest, trough, wavelength, midline, frequency

Experiments in class

Due to classes taking Performance Series today will be a quieter lesson. Using the book and videos . We will go over all their answers in the book. 

Vocabulary quiz

Homework: Review previous chapters in the book that we have covered this year.


Performance Series in Science. 


Martin Luther King paragraph and mini poster with a quote from MLK is due today. 

  Wear yellow for the character trait: Respect


Other Important Information







 *This is what will be covered IN CLASS.  Please remember it is a plan and not set in stone. The plan can change for a number of reasons. 

Ms. Prater’s Taters Daily Schedule 

7:45 – 8:00 Unpack, lunch choice, sharpen pencils, fill in calendar

8:00 – 8:25 Character Ed/7 Habits/Eat Breakfast in our room

8:25 – 8:40 Math

8:40 -9:20 PE

9:20- 10:35 Math

10:35- 11:30 Science/History Unit studies

11:30 Student’s do their jobs/pack up/Clean up

11:35 – 11:40 Change Classes My Homeroom will go to Mrs. Smyth’s class for Language Arts/Reading/Spelling/Grammar/Writing

11:40 – 11:48 Character Ed 7 Habits/Calendar

11:48 – 12:11 Lunch  Line B in Lunchroom Tables 19 - 24

12:11 Restroom

12:21 – 1:25 Math

1:25 – 2:20 Science/History Unit studies

2:20 Students do their jobs/pack up/clean up

2:25 – 2:35 Snack

2:40 Dismissal begins  2:40 Carpool & Walkers 

2:50 First Load Buses   

2: 55 Day Care

3:00 YMCA leaves & Second Load Buses go to Cafeteria









Behavior Plan

Ms. Prater and Mrs. Smyth’s Behavior Plan

This year we will be using Class Dojo for behavior management in our classrooms.  By using this digital platform we are allowing parents to see both the positive and negative behaviors of their child each day. The students will earn points for positive behaviors daily and any negative behaviors your child earns will deduct points from their weekly total. The point values for negative offenses are listed on the app. Their totals will be reset each week.

Daily each child should be doing their work, being responsible, attentive, giving their best effort and showing respect for others and our school. Their behavior may earn them extra points.  Negative behaviors will deduct Dojo points. If they have no negatives then they are doing great and will get all of their Fun Friday time. We also try to go outside each day for snack and time to play, if your child has missed assignments they will work on these during that time. 

Tiered Offense per week Negative Consequences Positive Consequences
Student negative Dojo 1st offense or warning.Student loses 5 minutes of Fun Friday and loss of Dojo points 25 minutes of Fun Friday and opportunity to earn back Dojo points
Student negative Dojo 2nd offense or warning.Student will have 10 minutes off of Fun Friday and silent snack 20 minutes of Fun Friday
Opportunities to earn back Dojo points
Student negative Dojo 3rd offense or warning.Student will have 15 minutes off of Fun Friday, silent snack and silent lunch 15 minutes of Fun Friday
Opportunities to earn back Dojo points
Student negative Dojo 4th offense or warning.Student receives 20 minutes off of Fun Friday,  silent snack and silent lunch. 10 minutes of Fun Friday and opportunities to earn back Dojo points
Student negative Dojo 5th offense or warning: student earns 0 minutes of Fun Friday and office referral Student receives 25 minutes off of Fun Friday, silent snack and silent lunch and possible parent phone call/note or office referral 5 minutes of Fun Friday and the opportunity to earn back Dojo points

*Some offenses will result in immediate office referral: fighting, bullying or other instances as deemed necessary.

 Random  Positives: Smarties for being a smarty,   Class earns a “Ray of Sunshine”  for receiving compliments from other teachers or administration and when the class reaches 30 they will have a popsicle treat.  Positive parent phone calls with the class.







I have an undergraduate B.A. degree in Elementary Education which I received from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Al.  My M.A. degree is from the University of Alabama in Birmingham in the field of English Language Learners, (ESL/ELL) and I am certified K-12. My teaching experiences cover  18 years and three states. I graduated from high school here in Prattville and I love having the opportunity to teach in the Autauga County School system.

Personal Bio

I am blessed to have four wonderful children (all over the age of 18), a beautiful daughter in law and 3 precious grand babies.  I love being outdoors, exercising and taking care of my horse, Maximus. I attend First United Methodist Church in Prattville.

Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child. We will have an amazing year filled with opportunities to explore and discover all we can about Math, Science and Alabama History. I will often ask for donations in the form of specific supplies so that we can have lots of hands on learning experiences.