Carol Prater

4th Grade Math/Science/History


Courses Taught:

4th Grade Math/Science/Alabama History


Open House Power Point




Websites:   www.prodigy    www.mobymax    www.brainpop username: DPES123  Password: eagles

Prodigy class code: ACB7211












Bell Ringer: 1)Calendar 2)Supplemental Workbook page A-3 measuring with metric system.    3)Build arrays with the blocks at your desk.24  Record your arrays on sticky notes.   $)Do CBMs with RTI students others need to stay during PE to complete make up work

Whole group: Go over Bell Ringer  and share arrays they made.  Show under document camera Rotations: Small Group with teacher: 2 digits times 2 digits.. review partial products and standard algorithmn. Independent work: counting collections Technology: Reflexmath and my path  Watch Brain pop video on Multiplication. Wrap up: Solve 15 X 36. What would the perimeter of this area be? 

Homework Finish independent practice and get parents to check 


Cont. models 2 dig. X 2 digits and chap 5-1 finding quotients


Bell Ringer:1) Supplemental workbook measuring with metric  2)Build all the area model for 24 3) My path 

Whole group: Go over Bell Ringer  Rotations: Independent work WB pg 47-58  Small Group" Review subtraction with borrowing, breaking apart and standard algorithmn. Technology: Reflexmath. and Brain pop video on multiplication.   Math workshop: Make up work


factors/multiples lesson  7-1


Bell Ringer: Supplemental workbook measuring with the metric system.  2) build array with  40 record arrays on sticky notes.  fact drill 

Whole group:  Lesson 7-1 factors, multiples. pages 89 -90 Intro in whole group, record their work for arrays they built. Do last 2 word problems together. Independent work finish pg 89 - 90 Small Group: review subtraction with decimals, and multiplication area models, intro a division problem. Technology: My Path  Wrap up: Quick images. Count skittles. 

 Veteran's Day program 9:30

7-1 Factors/multiples


Bell Ringer: Start workbook pages 91 - 92 and 

Whole group: Fact Drill then go over workbook pages 91-92. Then focus on counting collections, fact families from collections and have students work on make up work from missed assignments. 






French arrive in Alabama


Chp 3 lesson 2: The french arrive in Alabama ( pg 90 - 94) Discuss timeline, Read through lesson. Discuss differences between why the Spanish came versus the French. Workbook pg 25 Reading a table and 26. Turn these in for a grade. While others are working on this complete the stem activity on indian transportation in canoes. TSW build canoes from foil and count the number of indians it will hold. If time they will rebuild a different canoe and see how the changes affect their design. Count this as a Science grade as well. 




Chp 3 lesson 3 British Rule to Revolution pg 95 - 101


Vocabulary: tax, declaration of independence, American Revolution, command, boundary, survey

Before we begin: Have students write about how they would feel if they were French settlers at Fort Conde on the day the British took control. How would they feel as they watched their flag lowered and the British flag raised? What might worry them? What changes might they face? Have them write their predictions inthe notebook paper. After reading the lesson revisit the predictions they made. TSW complete workbook pg 24


Review vocabulary : tax, declaration of independence, American Revolution, command, boundary, survey

 Finish reading anything undone from Thursday. Today they will go back to the timeline in their book and the ones they added to. Use the page numbers.(teacher will list these on the board) to help them with workbook page. ) Complete the map for the 13 colonies from pages 100 - 103


Explorers in Alabama/ French/Spanish


Reading pages 100 - 103 in textbook TSW complete workbook pages 27 and 29. TTW need to make copies of this page for both classes due to not having workbooks



These are my plans, but there are times where plans have to be changed. You can contact me through email or the  Class Dojo app.

Ms. Prater’s Taters Daily Schedule 

7:45 – 8:00 Unpack, lunch choice, sharpen pencils, fill in calendar

8:00 – 8:25 Character Ed/7 Calendar/7 Habits/ DMR/RISE Math

8:30 - 9:10 PE

9:15 - 10:40 Math

10:40- 11:20 Science/History Unit studies

11:15 Student’s do their jobs/pack up/Clean up

11:20 Change Classes My Homeroom will go to Mrs. Smyth’s class for Language Arts/Reading/Spelling/Grammar/Writing

11:25 – 11:53 Character Ed 7 Habits/Calendar/DMR/RISE Math

11:54 – 12:17 Lunch  Line B in Lunchroom

12:17 Restroom

12:25-1:40 Math

1:40 – 2:20 Science/History 

2:20  Brain Break : Students do their jobs/pack up/clean up

2:30 Snack 

2:45 Dismissal begins  2:45 Carpool & Walkers 

2:50 First Load Buses   

2: 55 Day Care

3:00 YMCA leaves & Second Load Buses go to Cafeteria









Behavior Plan for Ms. Prater & Mrs. Smyth

This year we will be using Class Dojo for behavior management in our classrooms.  Class Dojo will allow parents immediate notifications of student misbehaviors.  Parents can message us through Dojo.  Parents will receive an invite to join their child’s class so that parents can help us celebrate positive behaviors and correct negative ones. 

Classroom Expectations:

1.     Say and do kind things, be respectful.

2.     Be a good listener. Listen with your ears, eyes, hands, brain and heart.

3.     Take care of yourself, others, our classroom, and our school.

4.     Follow directions, complete assignments and always do your best!


Students can earn extra points for outstanding behavior. Each week, all students who have not received a red dojo will receive all 30 minutes of Fun Friday time. Any extra points will earn students special treats.

Some ways to earn positive points will include the following: helping others, receiving a compliment from another teacher, displaying teamwork, persistence in completing a difficult task, etc.


Each week, the students’ Dojo points will restart. The following information shows the order in which consequences for poor behavior will be documented, communicated to parents, and if needed, communicated to the Assistant Principal.

1.)    If a student does what he/she is supposed to do each week, they should receive   30 minutes of Fun Friday time. For every red Dojo they receive for the week, 5 minutes will be subtracted off their Fun Friday time. If a student receives 3 or more red Dojos in one week, parents will be contacted.

2.)    The second time a student receives 3 or more red Dojos in a week the parents will have a conference with the teachers.

3.)    The third time a student receives 3 or more red Dojos in a week the teachers will turn in an office referral to the assistant principal.

Some ways to receive red Dojo points will include the following: remaining off task, displaying disrespect, damaging property, incomplete assignments,  lying, stealing, etc. Some infractions are -1pt while others are -3pts. The infractions that are -3pts are considered more severe and therefore carry more weight than a less severe offense.

*Some offenses will result in an immediate office referral: fighting, bullying or other instances as deemed necessary.

 Random Positives: Smarties for being a smarty,   Class earns a “Ray of Sunshine” for receiving compliments from other teachers or administration and when the class reaches 30 they will have a popsicle treat.  Positive parent phone calls with the class. 



I have an undergraduate B.A. degree in Elementary Education which I received from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Al.  My M.A. degree is from the University of Alabama in Birmingham in the field of English Language Learners, (ESL/ELL) and I am certified K-12. My teaching experiences cover  20 years and three states. I graduated from high school here in Prattville and I love having the opportunity to teach in the Autauga County School system.

Personal Bio

I am blessed to have four wonderful children (all over the age of 18), a beautiful daughter in law and 3 precious grand babies.  I love being outdoors, exercising, playing ultimate frisbee and taking care of my horse, Maximus. I attend First United Methodist Church in Prattville.

Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child. We will have an amazing year filled with opportunities to explore and discover all we can about Math, Science and Alabama History. I will often ask for donations of specific supplies so that we can complete a learning activity and have lots of hands on learning experiences.