Amy Marks
First Grade Teacher


Mrs. Marks’ First Grade 

Schedule 2020-2021  


8:00-8:25            Homeroom/Character                                       Education

8:25-10:45           Language Arts/Reading  

10:45-10:59         Science/SS       

10:59-11:24          Lunch 

11:24-12:00          Science/SS

12:00-12:10          Read Aloud

12:10- 12:55         Calendar/Math  

12:55-1:35            PE 

1:35-1:50             Snack 

1:50-2:40            Math Rotations     

2:40-3:00            Dismissal 

My name is Amy Marks and I teach first grade at Daniel Pratt Elementary.  This is my 16th year teaching and my 15th year at Daniel Pratt Elementary.  I am very happy to be here.   I have received my bachelor's degree from Auburn University in Montgomery, as well as my master's degree in Reading Education.   I live in Prattville with my husband Chris and two boys, Collier 10, Mason 7!   I'm very energetic about teaching and I look forward to growing and learning with your child everyday this year.

Weekly Newsletter

Behavior Management Plan

Supply List 2020

Week of January 5-8
This week in Reading...

   o   Unit 2 Review

o   Unit 2 Reading Test

o   Unit 2 Sight Word Assessment


Reading Skills: Digraphs sh, th; Vowel sound in ball; Long a, e, i, o, u; Letter c that sounds like/s/   and letter g that sounds like /j/; Digraphs wh, ch, tch; Main idea; Contractions n’t, ‘m, ‘ll; Sequence; Inflected ending ‘ed; Cause and Effect; Compare  and Contrast; Syllables VCCV; Author’s Purpose; Long vowels (CV)

Grammar Skills: Nouns; Proper Nouns; Special Titles; Days, Months, Holidays; One and More    Than One; Nouns in Sentences

  • Please review Unit 2 Sight words in your child’s binder. I will assess all students by Friday. If your child masters Unit 2 words move to Unit 3! J
  • Please continue to read with your child together at home. Your child may read a book independently or you may read with them. 




This week in Math...

o   Skills:  Unit 4 Place Value

o   Skills covered this week include Building Teen Numbers: Tens & Ones; and Greater Than/Less Than. 

o   Please practice addition facts using flash cards, manipulatives, etc at home.

o   Timed Test- Friday (practice)


This week in Social Studies…

o   New Year Goals/Winter