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Mrs.  Shannon  Lapp
4th Grade Math/Science/History
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Alabama History & Science
Due Date: 1/13/2019
Subject: Social Studies

Week of  January 14-18, 2019  Class, I will be out Mon./Tues. this week due to Molly having the flu.  Electromagnets are DUE Tues. the 15th however, due to my absence I will not take any points off for late projects.  ALL projects must be turned in by this Friday the 18th.  After which points will be lost.

There will be weeks when we alternate between history & science.  Please note that this page IS only a guide & is subject to change.  Changes are posted on the board in class & it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the student to listen & share changes with parents at home.  


Tues.  Binder p.2 Daniel Pratt

Wed. HW  C6 Study Guide issued. Signed for bonus points.  Binder p.3 Trail of Tears

Thurs.  Study Guide DUE 5 bonus pts with parent signature.

Fri.  Binder p.4 MLK  Chapter 6 TEST on TUESDAY 1/22

Please read nightly with your child.  Pages to cover this week are 180-189

History binder will be kept & maintained in class. Page 1 Capital Sites, p.2 Daniel Pratt, p.3 Trail of Tears, p.4 MLK

 ***PARENTS:  Please note from this point on ALL of my openbook test in science & history will REQUIRE the page number on which answer is found.  Without it, will result in a one point loss.  It also must match the page I have documented on my answer key.


SCIENCE  Chapter  Electricity  We are using our old textbooks.  Due to a limited number of books your child may only take home if they have checked out from me. 

Tues,  Electromagnet Project DUE.  

We will build circuit testers & discover hidden circuits.  This will be a team project in class & scored.  This activity will resume when I return on Wednesday.

Parents, please remember to set aside time to read & discuss questions in the text.  You may help in the answering & highlighting any info you may think is helpful.

Build an Electromagnet Project GRADE.  A letter will go home.  This is a fun easy project.

Pages to cover this week are .  Remember you can write in your science book.  Be sure to ALWAYS complete questions as you read your lessons.  Answering questions maybe completed ahead of time.