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Weekly Class Assignments: Reading & Grammar

Objectives for the Week  
Activity Date: 8/9/2017

Weekly Classroom assignments are below.....Check out my calendar page for

homework, test dates, and other important dates!!!!!

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  • Thursdays- Weekly Reading Skills Tests (subject to change)
  • Fridays- Grammar & Spelling Tests (subject to change)            

Week of January 14 - January 18  Happy New Year!!!!      

Parents and Students, this is a great time to check and replenish school supplies!!!! Thanks

Review Week for Unit 3

Monday & Tuesday- Review for Reading & Grammar Unit Tests;

Novel Chapters 1-5; Spelling Test on Homophones

Wednesday- Assess on Unit 3 Reading & Grammar Tests 

Thursday & Friday- Intro Unit 4 Reading/Grammar/Spelling; Novel Chapter 1-5

Friday- Honor Roll Celebration in the Afternoon
































Reading Unit 3 Week 5 Classroom Assignments

Story;Skill;Strategy- "Morning Traffic";Draw Conclusions;Story Structure

Story VocabularyWords- (pawn, reception, remote, resume, rummage, rustling, simultaneous-Tested on weekly skills test);  

Novel- The Giver by Louis Lowry

Tuesday A- Introduce Skill, Story, & Vocab; Study Guide for Weekly Test 3.5; Novel Intro/Pre-Activities

Tuesday B-  Review/Practice Skill & Vocab; Read & Discuss weekly story; Skill Sheets;Quizlet; Novel Pre-Activities

Wednesday- Small Groups/Rotations; Novel Chapter 1/Vocabulary/Discussion

Thursday- Skill practice sheet; Novel Chapters 2-3 Vocabulary & Discussion; 3.5 Skills Test on Friday this week

Friday- 3.5 Weekly Test; Novel Ch2-3/Discuss

Grammar/Writing/Spelling Unit 3 Week 5 Classroom Assignments 

Grammar Skill; Spelling Strategy- Prepositions; Homophones

Tuesday A- Introduce Skill; Brain Pop; Spelling Definitions

Tuesday B- Review/Practice Skill Grammar Book; Spelling Packet

Wednesday- Review/Practice Skill Practice Sheet; Spelling Packet

Thursday- Review for Test Grammar Book; Spelling Packet

Friday- Review and Take 3.5 Grammar & Spelling Tests; Spelling Packet due

Writing- Bell Ringers; BOK; Poetry; Figurative Language Packets; Research Papers(Near Future)

Websites/Links for the Week 

"Morning Traffic" Voc-

Draw Conclusions Skill-

Draw Conclusions Skill-

Draw Conclusions Skill-


Preposition Song-

The Giver Ch 1-5-


Review Websites below....

Direct Objects-

Principle Parts Irregular Verbs-

Verb Tenses-

Verb Tenses-

SubjectVerb Agreement-

Action/Linking Verbs-

Action/Linking/Helping Verbs-

Verb Game-


Story Elements-

Regular/Irregular Plural Nouns-

Common/Proper Nouns-

Simple/Compound/Complex Sent-

Complex Sentences-


Types Sentences

City of Ember Figurative Language- 

Websites for Daily Practice:

Brain Pop-


Arcademic Skill Builders 


Grammar Blast

Prepostion Song-
Verbs in Space Game