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Weekly Class Assignments: Reading & Grammar

Objectives for the Week  
Activity Date: 8/9/2017

Weekly Classroom assignments are below.....Check out my calendar page for

homework, test dates, and other important dates!!!!!

My email address for Lexia-

Join Quizlet-   

  • Thursdays- Weekly Reading Skills Tests (subject to change)
  • Fridays- Grammar & Spelling Tests (subject to change)            

Week of May 13- May 17  *PJHS Field Trip today!

Reading/Grammar- Novel Extended Activities; Poetry; Writing Activities; Figurative Language

Monday- PJHS Field Trip; Band Concert

TuesdayNovel Extended Activities; Poetry; Writing Activities; Figurative Language

WednesdayNovel Extended Activities; Poetry; Writing Activities; Figurative Language; Wax Museum

ThursdayCommit to Graduate!

FridayNovel Extended Activities; Poetry; Writing Activities; Figurative Language



























































































Websites/Links for the Week 

"Story " Voc-  

Wonder Part 4- 

Wonder Part 5 Voc-

Wonder Part 6 Voc-

Wonder Part 8 Voc-  Voc-

Grammar Skill

Quotation Marks-






Comparative/Superlative Adj-

Comparative Superlative Adj Quizlet-



Websites for Daily Practice:

Brain Pop-


Arcademic Skill Builders 


Grammar Blast


Review Websites below....

Direct Objects-

Principle Parts Irregular Verbs-

Verb Tenses-

Verb Tenses-

SubjectVerb Agreement-

Action/Linking Verbs-

Action/Linking/Helping Verbs-

Verb Game-


Story Elements-

Regular/Irregular Plural Nouns-

Common/Proper Nouns-

Simple/Compound/Complex Sent-

Complex Sentences-


Types Sentences

City of Ember Figurative Language-  



Who & Whom-

Prepostion Song-
Verbs in Space Game

Subj/Pred School House Rock-
Reading Unit 1 Week 1

Story;Skill;Strategy- "Ancient Greece";Graphic Sources;Predict/Set Purpose

Story VocabularyWords- (architecture, democracy, empire, ideal, mythology-Tested on weekly skills test);  

Monday- Introduce Skill, Story, & Vocab; Study Guide for Weekly Test 6.1;Novel Parts 5-6

Tuesday- Review/Practice Skill & Vocab; Read & Discuss weekly story; Skill Sheets;Quizlet; Parts 5-6 Vocabulary Review; Read Aloud

Wednesday- Small Groups/Rotations; Novel Part 6-7; Read Aloud

Thursday- Skill practice sheet; Novel Part 7; Assess on 6.1 Skills Test; Read Aloud  

Friday- Novel Part 7

Monday- Introduce Skill; Brain Pop; Spelling Definitions

Tuesday-Review/Practice Skill Grammar Book; Spelling Packet

Wednesday- Review/Practice Skill Practice Sheet; Spelling Packet

Thursday- Review and take Grammar Test; Spelling Packet

Friday- Review and Take 6.1  Spelling Test; Spelling Packet due

Writing- Bell Ringers; BOK; Poetry; Figurative Language Packets