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Weekly Assignments Jan 14-18  

 Week Jan 14 - Jan 18 

EVERY STUDENT NEEDS A BASIC 4 FUNCTION CALCULATOR FOR MATH CLASS. Please make sure your child has his/her name on it.

Math: All notes that we are taking in class will be put into a binder and should come home every day for nightly review.  Students will also need coloring utencils (pencils or crayons), glue or glue sticks, and notebook paper.  These items will be needed daily.  If you have any questions, please let me know. Students who have not reached 100% in Reflex will continue to progress through the program.  

Jan 14 - Jan 18

Monday- DMP #15; review decimal/%/ fraction; recognizing angles

Tuesday-  DMP #15; decimal/%/fraction TEST

Wednesday- DMP #15; classigying triangles

Thursday- DMP Quiz #15; finding missing angle in a triangle

Friday- Block 1 review; no Block 2 due to Honor roll party in the afternoon



Monday- quizzes will come home today to study for test on Wednesday

Tuesday-Friday--- review & test Wednesday 1/16/19

Geography: A Physical Map of South America




Monday- finish building house; test Thursday 1/17/19

Tuesday-Friday-- study guide on Earthquakes; shake houses