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Week of 1/14-1/18  

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As we continue reading Part 1 of August, we will learn more about who he is and what he's going through. Stay tuned!

Week of 1/14-1/18

We have a busy week in store! This week we will continue reading the rest of Part 1 August from Wonder, review all of unit 3's skills from both Reading and Grammar, and we will take the unit 3 tests and the prepositions memorization test. Rough drafts for your compare/contrast essay are due Friday, but can be turned in any time this week. Don't forget to have your report card signed and brought back to me by Tuesday! We will try to finish watching the Anne of GG sequel on Thursday since we didn't get to finish it before Christmas. Graded papers/folder will go home on Thursday. Our honor roll bowling party will be Friday afternoon after lunch. Please return your permission slip ASAP and bring money ($5-$10) on Friday. I'm looking forward to a wonderful week! Love, Mrs. T. :)


Reading- We will review skills from unit 3 including sequencing, drawing conclusions, and generalizing; First 1/2 of Part 1 August QUIZ with this vocab. 

 English- Work on grammar study guide and review skills for unit 3 (principal parts of regular and irregular verbs, verbs and their objects, troublesome verbs, and prepositions) If you get your study guide signed, you will receive an extra 5 bonus points on your test.

 Spelling- n/a


Reading-  Review skills for test tomorrow; review over the last unit 2 test

English- Prepositions Memorization TEST

 Links for practice: 

jingle bells tune:



Reading- Reading more of the 2nd half of Part 1 August; Unit 3 TEST

English- Unit 3 Grammar TEST



Reading- Finishing the 2nd half of Part 1 (quiz tomorrow morning for both classes before the honor roll party); Watching the rest of the Anne of GG sequel

English- n/a

Spelling- n/a


Reading- 2nd 1/2 of Part 1 August QUIZ (includes the rest of Part 1 August vocab.)

English- Compare/Contrast ROUGH DRAFT Essays are DUE today!

Spelling- n/a

Honor Roll bowling party after lunch; students not going will stay back with Mrs. Thompson; Don't forget to bring about $5-$10 if you're going bowling. This covers admisson and any games or snacks.