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Katie Lindsey Photo
Mrs.  Katie  Lindsey
Assistant Principal (Grades 4-6)

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Assistant Principal

EXPERIENCE: Assistant Principal at Daniel Pratt: 6 years

                   Teacher at Prattville Junior High: 7 years

                   Teacher at Prattville Intermediate: 2 years


EDUCATION:   Auburn Montgomery Masters in School Administration

                            Auburn Montgomery Bachelors of Physical Education

                            Prattville High School Graduate



Being an Assistant Principal at Daniel Pratt Elementary is both a challenge and a blessing to me. I am amazed at the quality of our students. Their attitudes toward and their expectations of learning as something they want to do is contagious!


To see them having fun, making friends, and growing academically inspires me and their teachers to make school a safe, exciting, and encouraging place to be. I am rewarded every day with the smiles of DPES children as I see them in the halls, the lunchroom, at P.E., in my office, and in their classrooms.


DPES parents are a most important part of our school and mean so much to me as the administrator for our older three grades. Working with parents is a huge part of what I like to do. School and home combine to guide these children as they grow and develop in all aspects of their lives. Being a part of that is indeed an honor.


I believe in our mission, and I do all in my power to provide the kind of learning environment I want for my own children. Happy students, parents, and teachers make my job a pleasure. Therefore, I take my responsibility toward all these members of our school community very seriously. I encourage working together to make these years the best foundation for our children to learn and live. I want all these DPES stakeholders to contact me as needed or desired to make certain these children become the very best they can be!