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Cristy Stockman Photo
Cristy  Stockman

Snack Shack & Box Top Coordinator

I just finished counting and packaging all the Box Tops for this submission. We sent in $365.90 for February. We are way down from last year. I think they are leaning heavily on the app in the future and less Box Tops will appear on products. Please Download the app and be using it. If you have any questions about it let me know :).



I just received confirmation from Box Tops that they approved our October submission. The teachers earned a total of $1,188.50 for this submission. Box Tops sends out a check in December that will include this amount and the $374.55 we earned in May. I appreciate and Thank all my volunteers for their help making this collection a success! Keep collecting for our February collection date. If you don't use the Box Tops App please check it out. It is a good way of earning extra Box Tops for our school.


Hey! My name is Cristy Stockman and I am the Box Top Coordinator. If you need to reach me for any reason please contact me a



Each Homeroom will need a parent volunteer for Box Tops. This parent will be asked to clip the Box Tops, check expiration dates and personally bring them back to school on 3 dates this school year. If you would like to volunteer for the 2018/2019 please let your child's teacher know. Each teacher should have a sign-up sheet available at the open house. If your teacher already has a parent and you would like to help with any teachers who don't, let me know.