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Ray, Lynn
Finch, Donna Principal
Lindsey, Katie Assistant Principal (Grades 4-6)
Wilson, Vonda Assistant Principal
Phillips, Tracy
Ulmer, Danielle Nurse
Elswick, Teresa Bookkeeper
Pearson, Teri Lunchroom Manager

Agee, Cesily 2nd Grade
Arthur, Nicole 5th grade Language Arts
Baker, Amanda Special Education
Banks, Lindsay 3rd Grade Language Arts
Beatty, Anne Gifted and Talented
Boshell, Kristen 2nd Grade
Bowles, Dawn Special Education Teacher
Boykins, Tammy 1st Grade
Bradley, Alanna 5th Grade Math/Science/History
Broadway, Kendra 3rd Grade Language Arts
Brownell, Marylyn 1st-3rd grade Counselor
Caver, Ruby 3rd Grade Math/Science/History
Cochran, Taylor 6th Grade Math/Science/History
Colvin, Tina 2nd Grade
Cosby, Heather Special Education Teacher
Cox, Melissa 1st Grade
Crowder, Traci 5th Grade Special Education (Resource)
Davis, Erin RtI Facilitator & Intervention Teacher
Day, Taylor 6th grade Math/Science/History
Dickerson, Vernessia 6th Grade Language Arts
Hall, Kathy 6th Grade Math/Science/History
Harp, Laura 4th Grade Language Arts
Hornbuckle, Laura Technology
Howell, Ashley 1st Grade
Johnson, Evelyn Physical Education
Johnson, Sarah 1st Grade
Jones, Collier 4th Grade Language Arts
Junco, Tracy 4th Grade Math
Kemp, Shatima 5th grade Reading and Language Arts
Knott, Holly Special Education
Lapp, Shannon 4th Grade Math/Science/History
Lollar, Becky 2nd Grade
Lovering, Dana 3rd Grade
Marks, Amy 1st Grade
McKay, Emily 5th Grade Language Arts
McKinley, Deanna 6th Grade Math/Science/History
Meador, Jennifer Media Specialist
Millis, Stephanie Special Education
Moore, Jessica 2nd grade
Myers, Andrea 5th Grade Math/Science/History
Padgett, Allyson 5th grade
Pasley, Deanna 3rd Grade Math/Science/History
Perkins, Mimi 2nd Grade
Perkins, Valerie 3rd Grade Math/Science/History
Porter, Della 3rd Grade Language Arts
Prater, Carol 4th Grade Math/Science/History
Price, Douglas Physical Education
Reed, Tracey 2nd Grade
Rhodes, Jenny Physical Education
Roberts, Donna 2nd Grade
Roten, Tressa 1st Grade
Ruffin, Jessica Physical Education
Short, Shawna 6th Grade Language Arts
Simpson, Annell Library Media Specialist
Sims, Jessica 5th Grade Math/Science/History
Skinner , Heather 4th Grade Math/Science/History
Smyth, Kena 4th Grade Language Arts
Stewart, Devan Music
Stewart, Julie 3rd Grade Math/Science/History
Stinson, Brooke 5th Grade Language Arts
Thompson, Michelle 6th Grade Language Arts
Thrash, Sara 6th Grade Language Arts
Trammell, Margaret 1st Grade
Wade, Meredith 4th Grade
Walker, Kaylyn 4th-6th Grades Counselor
Wallace, Vanessa Speech
White, Delaney 1st Grade
Wynn, Marina 2nd Grade

Burlingame, Jennifer Secretary
Stockman, Cristy Snack Shack
Stockman, Cristy

Webmaster, Autauga