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Library Media Center

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Library Hours of Operation:  8:05 - 2:45 each school day.  

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The Library Media Center operates on a fixed schedule. 

First, second, and third grade classes have weekly scheduled library times. Each library class will have a lesson and then time to check out library books.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classes have weekly or biweekly scheduled library times. Classes will come with their teachers to return and check out library books.


 Check-out Limits and Fines

1st - 3rd Grade Students    Each student may check out one book at a time.  It must be returned before another book may be checked out.  A lost or damaged book must be paid for before another library book can be checked out.  Books are checked out for one week at a time; there is no overdue fine.   

4th - 6th Grade Students    Each student may check out two books at a time and they may be kept for two weeks.  There is a fine of $.05 per day for each overdue book.  If one of the two books checked out is overdue, it must be returned to check out any library books.  A lost or damaged book must be paid for before another library book can be checked out.  

*A Library Book Compact form has to be completed and returned before a 4th, 5th, or 6th grader may check out library books.


Library Computers  

We have ten computers our students may use to access our collection’s On-Line Catalog.   A student needing to use a computer, for any other educational purpose, should have a Library Computer pass from his/her teacher.

 A student needing to use the Internet must have a signed "Internet Acceptable Use Policy" on file with his/her teacher.